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Group I can now be CRC Petrobras

It is very gratifying to obtain CRC Petrobras (formerly CRCC).

It is a recognition of the largest energy industry in Brazil. This document is issued by Petrobras to suppliers that meet pre-determined criteria applicable to the family of interest, or partial, when at least one criterion is approved. Are they:

  • Legal Criteria
  • Economic Criterion
  • Technical Criteria/SMS
  • GRI Criteria - Risks and Integrity

O CRC Petrobras tem validade até 10/06/2024.


The veracity of the information can be verified at the address www.gov.br/compras/pt-br/

To this end, Grupo I can constantly strives to:

  • Exceed the expectations of its Customers;
  • Keep your team of consultants engaged with the company's vision, mission and values;
  • Improve and improve your QHSE Management System;
  • Comply with Compliance and its Integrity Program;
  • Comply with the Policies and Programs of suppliers and partners;
  • Participate in social responsibility programs.

Here we reaffirm the Group's Vision I can of:

“To be the icon of trust and quality in solutions and services, becoming the best option for customers, partners, suppliers and professionals in the segments where we operate”