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Safety, Environment and Health (SMS)


⦁ Risk Assessment;
⦁ Preliminary Risk Analysis (APR);
⦁ Safety, Environment and Health Inspection;
⦁ 3rd party behavioral audit;
⦁ PEOTRAM Audit (Petrobras Maritime Transport Operational Excellence Program)
⦁ Monitoring of pre-embarkation and disembarkation of seafarers;
⦁ Identification of scenarios, emergency preparedness and response strategies, training/simulated/table top (ICS Incident Command System Method);
⦁ Preparation and improvement of Emergency Plans;
⦁ Investigation of Causes of Accidents;
⦁ Waste Management and Training Plan;
⦁ Process Safety Program;
⦁ Audit based on “RBPS” (Risk Based Process Safety Management);
⦁ Audit “Operational Safety Management System, ANP ordinance;
⦁ RTDT Audit (Technical Regulations for Pipelines and Terminals) of the ANP;
⦁ Support for environmental and legal licensing – Preparation of EIA RIMA;
⦁ Inspection of works for survey purposes;
⦁ Inspections and technical reports of unhealthy and dangerous conditions.