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Case of Video Lessons on Human Factors at Work aboard Astromarítima Vessels

Videos on Human Factors at Work

The Human Factors at Work are
permanently present and can impact the
safety of people and operations.
Therefore, training (of crews and teams
of land) in the environmental, organizational,
technological and individual must be constant.
Training in Human Factors at Work has
are being applied on board the vessels of the
Astromaritime. At the end of the training,
an evaluation of effectiveness.


Astromarítima is a company concerned with the development and
training your workforce, recognizing that this is one of the
pillars that promotes the continuous improvement of people, processes,
business and Safety Culture in a sustainable way. Operates in the market
for more than 40 years and has become a reference in charter services for
general cargo vessels, combating oil spills and
fire, rescue, towing services and transport of people. Their
main clients are: Petrobras and Petrorio.

Team of professionals from Grupo I CAN

The Group I CAN team was
composed of professionals from
different specializations and
academic formations.

Tereza Soares


QHSE Specialist and Project Coordinator

Carol Lecher


Specialist in Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Culture

Rosângela Arruda


Human Factors Specialist

Dani Chaia

Public relations

Specialist in Communication and Crisis Management

Francisco Leite

Civil engineer

Auditor of the maritime segment, ANP, ANVISA, with international experience

Objectives of the Human Factors at Work video classes:

Due to the pandemic, it was decided that the
best option would be to hire a
company specialized to develop
a project and produce the video lessons
with technical program content and
customized for the activities of the


Ernani Batista (Operations Director)
mobilized resources and carried out the
project was the responsibility of
Fernanda Ribeiro (QHSE Manager). O
Grupo I Can was hired to
develop the technical content and Vidya
Productions to produce the video lessons.

Objectives of video classes
Human Factors at Work:

  • Develop and/or recycle knowledge about factors
    human at work for leaders, crew and ground crews;
  • Make human factors concepts available in a simple way
    through video lessons (mp4) resources;
  • Seek understanding of human factors in safety and how
    unfold in work environments;
  • Provide reflection on the impacts that may occur in
    function of errors and failures;
  • Reinforce that SMS is value and not priority.