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Technical and industrial area (Oil and Gas)

⦁ Commissioning of installations (tanks, pipelines, equipment);

⦁ Decommissioning of facilities (tanks, pipelines, equipment);

⦁ Pre-operation of tanks, pipelines, equipment;

⦁ Operation of tanks, pipelines, equipment;

⦁ Planning downtime for maintenance;

⦁ Special operations: transhipments, product handling;

⦁ Preparation/review of manuals, operational plans and procedures and contingency plans;

⦁ Facility operation team training;

⦁ Technical training: Process safety, work permit, NR

⦁ SMS inspections of operations;

⦁ SMS inspections of works;

⦁ Inspection of work at height;

⦁ Inspection of work in confined spaces;

⦁ Risk studies, accident cause studies;

⦁ Asset Management Diagnosis and Assessment;

⦁ Implementation and Evaluation of PEOTRAM (sea and air);